INTSIKA - the Zulu word for "structural pillar" is our African region Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme


South32 Intsika

South32's ESD Portal, Intsika, is one of four intitiatives within the South32 Enterprise and Supplier Development [ESD] Programme.

South32 Intsika helps you in the following ways:

  • Increase your online presence by creating your own business profile and mini-website
  • Get information on South32 business opportunities including criteria, timelines, and application process
  • Access and apply to business opportunities posted by other companies
  • Increase your business network by connecting to other companies in the mining and construction sector
  • Apply for the South32 Intsika programme

Supplier Development

If your business successfully meets all of the supplier development criteria for small enterprises, you will be selected for the elite Supplier Development Programme.

The Supplier Development programme, is designed for business owners who want to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Time: Build a business that allows you more time to focus on growth rather than operations by building the systems and processes that remove the chaos of everyday management.
  2. Growth:Increasing the number of customers and the value of businesses from your customers through structured business growth activities.
  3. Cash Flow: Release more cash flow for your growth through creating better information and clear strategies and goals.
  4. Investment: Create access to finance by building a business that investors will support.

The Supplier Development programme is practical and customised.

The way we work with business owners is:

  1. Customised to you and your business,
  2. Personal, through one-on-one coaching and mentoring,
  3. Practical, using activities and tools that you can apply to your business immediately, and
  4. Confidential, since our agreement is with you.

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